Cases in Face Reconstruction

Click Images below for a more detailed view. Individual results may vary.

Parry Romberg Syndrome – soft tissue augmentation

This is a 10 year old boy with Parry Romberg syndrome. He underwent soft tissue enhancement with scapular free tissue transfer. He also underwent fat grafting to correct the asymmetry nose. He is slightly over corrected due to anticipated facial growth.

Goldenhar syndrome – Soft tissue reconstruction

This patient has a congenital problem called Goldenhar syndrome. She underwent more than 30 surgeries when she was a child. Dr. Chaiyasate performed left sided soft tissue augmentation with scapula free tissue transfer.

Face Reconstruction after Mohs surgery

The patient is a 70 year old female who underwent Mohs surgery of left sided facial skin cancer. The defect was reconstructed by forehead flap and cheek advancement flap.

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